EllaVate Life!

We are so glad that you are taking interest in EllaVating your life!!! We look forward to partnering with you on your journey. Below you will find a list of our services. From time to time we offer additional services so be sure to check back frequently.


Group Coaching
EllaVate Life offers group coaching as a fun and positive environment conducive for clients reaching their goals at a minimal investment. We offer various group coaching programs on different topics throughout the year. Below you will find some of our upcoming programs.

Passion Purpose Connection – Plug Into Your Purpose and Live Your Passion!!! Begins May 16th, 2016!!!

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is perfect for individuals who are serious about reaching their goals and are willing to invest into their own life with one on one partnership with a coach. Research shows that partnering with a coach can improve results up to 325%. All programs are tailor made for the individual client. Based on the attention given to each individual client, availability is limited. Click here to find out more!


Group Fitness

Group fitness is perfect for individuals who desire to improve their fitness level while having a blast with like minded individuals. We offer various boot camp style programs throughout the year. All fitness levels are welcome. Click here to see EllaVate Life’s upcoming group fitness programs!

Personal Training

Personal training is perfect for those who are ready to put all excuses behind and succeed their fitness goals with the personal attention from a fitness professional. All fitness levels are welcome. Click here to EllaVate your fitness with a personal trainer!